Improper care is one of the reasons that underwear quickly fails. How should we take care of this delicate matter in order to extend its life?


Underwear with such a label can not be washed.

Only hand wash. Recommended hand wash temperature about 30 degrees. You must first dissolve in water, powder and then put the clothes. Contact with these things carefully, and after washing, rinse thoroughly in clean water. Time of washing should not exceed 5 minutes.

Trait means gentle care and the rejection of the strong spin or wash with other, more crude, things. Products with this sign must be washed in the delicates with a limited amount of other clothes (up to 1 / 3).

The corresponding figures in temperature (eg 30, 40, 60 or 95 degrees) should not be exceeded.

This symbol allows the wet processing. Is allowed as hand and machine washable.


Such a thing can be ironed. Featured on the iron dots indicate the maximum temperature of iron (eg, 110 ° C, 150 ° C, 200 ° C).

Such a thing can not be ironed.


Allowed to dry cleaning. The symbols in the circle indicate what cleaning agents can be applied.

Pale under the symbol indicates that the cleaning should reduce mechanical load, the degree of humidity and temperature.

Things can not be dry-cleaned. Also, you can not use stain removers containing solvents!


Such a thing can be dried in a mechanical dryer. Number of points on the symbol corresponds to different stages of drying.Note: the symbol does not contain any indication, sits this thing or not.

You can not use mechanical drying.


Things can be washed with chlorinated bleach. Note: most detergents do not contain chlorine. Since chlorine wastewater heavily pollute the environment, for environmental reasons is not recommended to add detergents and chlorine.

This thing can not be bleached with chlorine. Warning: stain removers often contain chlorine!